100% Soluble Biotechnology Fertilizer Fulvic Acid

100% Soluble Biotechnology Fertilizer Fulvic Acid

one hundred% Soluble Biotechnology Fertilizer Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is a type of short carbon chain molecule extractible from the materials humic acid. It is of large loading capacity and physiology exercise.

Positive aspects:

Fulvic Acid is 1 of the most functional elements in the soil environment because of to its alibility to complicated or chelate metallic ions and its exclusive capacity to dissolve soil minerals. These processes enhance the availability of nutritionally critical trace elements as steel-fuvlic acid complexes which are able of entering plant cells.

For Soil:

Supply a beneficial resource of carbon for soil microorganisms.
Enhance soil framework.

For Plant:

Chelate with plant nutrition to increase their uptake by vegetation, and minimize their immobilisation in the soil.
Encourage faster seed germination and faster root and shoot progress.
Promote nutrient  uptake by combining nutrition and humic acids.
Encourage enzymic methods in crops to increase plant respiration.
Enhance humidity retention in plants and lessen dampness tension.
Avoid and cure the plant pathema.
Encourage the plant micro-organic action.
Enhance the up get of CZPT nourishment.
Enhance the operate of fertilizer and pesticides.
Encourage residue decomposition.
Improve plant germination and growth.

Packing : In 20kgs kraft paper bag


 Item CZPT 
 Solubility ninety nine%min 
Fulvic acid   80%min
 PH Value  5-6
 Moisture  10%max
 Appearance  Brown Powder


Fertilizers: one% fulvic powder in mix. 
Foliar: 100-300g for every liters of drinking water.
Herbicides/Pesticides: 20-50g for every liter.
Seed treatment: .five kg for each ton of seed.

100% Soluble Biotechnology Fertilizer Fulvic Acid