Alucoone Aluminium Composite Panel for Caravans

Alucoone Aluminium Composite Panel for Caravans

Alucoone Corporate Indication Aluminum Composite Panels(ACP) are widely used for Petrol Station,4S Vehicle Shop Front, Chain program Shops with One or Multi-shades. which satisfy different layout needs and tends to make the price of processing significantly less expensive.




PVDF (Fluorine-Carbon) Coating

Classic PVDF Coating: With Kynar five hundred PVDF, Two or a few times for coating and baking, had excellent properties of anti-acid,anti-alkali and is sturdy in atrocious weather conditions and surroundings, Maintain fifteen several years no undesired fading, In see of these information, We suggest this panel used for external wall cladding.

Nanometer PVDF Coating: Which various with traditional PVDF is the very clear coating, It consists of nanometer component, Which can protect Panel from Pollution, Simply because nanometer has a self-cleansing influence, It easy to get rid of dust and pollution by working or Water,


Fluoroethylen Vinyl Ether (FEVE) resins ended up developed in Japan in the early nineteen eighties. As opposed to other fluoropolymer resins, FEVE offers a wide range of fascinating houses, such as outstanding resistance in opposition to UV rays and other natural components. It is corrosion and chemical resistant.FEVE is diverse from business-common PVDF Kynar five hundred or Hylar 5000 resins as it offers a larger gloss of up to 90%. Other than that all other features are related to that of Kynar five hundred/ Hylar 5000 resin and we provide the 10~fifteen years guarantee on our FEVE Coated Panels. FEVE based mostly coatings offer excellent weather longevity under severe environmental conditions and supply an extended time period of gloss and colour retention.


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Alucoone Aluminium Composite Panel for Caravans