Big Manual Mechanical Screw-Type Stretching Machine

Big Manual Mechanical Screw-Type Stretching Machine

TSM-3030B Big Guide Mechanical Screw-Kind Stretching Device

The netting device is a new widening aluminum alloy construction, double chuck style (tiny gap between the chucks, rigidity). Travel with special guidebook rail, handbook wonderful-tuning straightforward, massive pressure for the electronics industry, the generation of high Newton steel mesh. 
Chinese identify: pull internet machine 
For: silk display variation of the drawing 
Appropriate for colour printing screen 
Attributes Easy, convenient and fast. 

Hand wheel mechanical drawing machine: mostly used for silk screen printing technique, specifically for coloration printing monitor printing, large-precision single-sided circuit variation. Simple, hassle-free and rapidly.

one. Netting chuck and frame all manufactured of unique alloy profiles, to ensure that after the deformation CZPT deformation. 
2. Chuck with a new style of the internet folder framework, large pressure following not slip network, not unfastened. 
3. The chuck can be slid remaining and correct to make sure uniform stress. 
4. Solitary-sided pull-line hand wheel through the tooth chain synchronous transmission power, to guarantee single-sided chuck tension synchronization. 
5. pneumatically lift tables. Leading internet with pneumatic carry, flexible and trustworthy. 

Delivery time
The primary specialized parameters: 

Greatest internet region 3000 * 3000mm 
Minimum mesh dimension 800 * 800mm 
 Weight 480kg. 
Dimension 3200 * 3200 * 860mm. (L * W * H) 

 turbine tensioners manually tension thirty Newton 

CZPT clamp 
Legs with rollers can adjust the size of the table 

one. Initial, according to the size of the grid body to change the region, and then lock the casters 
two. Select the appropriate body assist to area it on the web 
3. Modify the handwheel, so that the distance between the idea of the frame in the five-6mm, in order to keep away from the method of pulling the internet because of to elevated yarn stress, the network box to withstand the yarn caused by broken yarn. 
four. Flatten the yarn, with the web folder to resolve the edge of the net yarn, and then gradually rotating the 4 sides of the rack hand wheel, so that the yarn slowly and gradually in the rigidity state, so repeated till the rigidity of the yarn nearly equal , The dimension of the stress to summarize the mesh of the mesh and texture, the web is excellent after the ideal use of tension meter for the closing inspection, Be aware: the yarn rigidity can not be pulled in location, must be divided numerous occasions, this sort of as: 40n, first pulled 15n, after at minimum five minutes following the stay, only to pull 20n so frequently pull the web can. 
five. Adjust the handwheel, so that the community box to increase, spend interest to the network box evenly make contact with the yarn, and then in the network box and mesh contact with the location coated with vine gum, Notice: must hold out for dry, The yarn is taken out. 
6. After the other extend, pull the valve, so that the hand wheel back again to the original placement, switch off the power. 
1) hand wheel when the hand wheel to the still left rotation, the yarn is in pressure, when the hand wheel to the correct when the yarn is in a comfortable state. 
two) the pursuits of casters when you want to change the spot of the web pull the internet when the first release casters, screws 
3) fixed feet the complete cable machine mounted assistance. 
four) the head screw when you want to alter the place of the hand wheel in the rack, initial release the screw, in order to repair the hand wheel. 
5) Rack 
6) internet folder in the pull yarn, for the four sides of the fixed yarn, in purchase to facilitate the use of screen to attain the ideal. 
seven) frame assistance frame 
eight) universal handle when adjusting the web pull the web spot of the machine, the 1st launch on the four sides of the universal deal with, in purchase to adjust the cable equipment, so that the cylinder on the 4 sides of the box on the diagonal.

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Big Manual Mechanical Screw-Type Stretching Machine